Alex Krell makes techno. He is also a petrolhead who lists Queen, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin as his influences, and he loves driving a tractor in the tiny Lithuanian village where he spends a lot of time.
This impossibly bizarre background gives Alex Krell’s productions a uniquely dark and earthy energy that makes his techno stand out from the crowd of sterile Berlin copycats.
The stadium-rock influence drives Alex’s melodic and emotional approach to chord sequences and arrangements, hip-hop provides a sense of swagger, and driving a tractor all day apparently makes you choose pounding, powerful, relentless beats at night.

After extensive DJing experience in his home country, Alex Krell is breaking out of Lithuania and releasing his own tracks. His talents have already been picked up by Gardens of God’s new label Sodai for a vinyl release in Autumn 2017, and he’s getting noticed online around the world for his combination of heartwarming organics and hard-hitting mechanics.

Techno is Alex Krell’s second love. He cannot live without motorsport, on four wheels or two wheels, but preferably loud and dirty. Normally techno wouldn’t be a suitable soundtrack for an extreme sports video, but Alex pours adrenalin, euphoria and danger into his music, making it fit perfectly on the Wipeout soundtrack, or Grand Theft Auto. When he’s not reading magazines about combustion engines, Alex is in the studio tuning synthesizers and firing up four-cylinder kickdrums. The retro flavours of his rock and rave influences are blended with some kind of weird chemical found only in his native Lithuanian water. Alex Krell invites you to drink a bottle of it and see what happens.