indie rock



All eyes are on At Pavillon. Not only since but even more so after the arrival of their debut single “All Eyes On You”, successfully released in early 2018 on Las Vegas Records (a.o. Leyya) under the Redelsteiner management banner (i. a. Voodoo Jürgens). The song got massive airplay from indie radio stations in Austria, France, Poland and Germany and established the band around frontman Mwita Mataro as the freshest and hottest thing from Austria.

The follow-up hit-single “Stop This War”, released only a few months later, proved even more successful. Every new release, seems to increase exponentially the mechanics of a flawless hype. This fall see saw the international release of “Lions”, their big anthem combining everything that At Pavillon stands for. It brings this year to a full circle, in which they evolved from zeros to heroes and continue to shine brightly. This band, no matter where they appear, will take no prisoners in 2019.

However, this group knows how to sell out indie venues in and outside Austria, consequently dismantling them with sex, style and funk as well as hook-infused rock’n’roll. In fact, they intend to top it all with the release of their debut album in 2019, which you can expect to sparkle, shine and brim over with joy…

Who should stop these boys?