On September 2-3rd during unique urban festival in Lithuania LOFTAS FEST arts factory LOFTAS will invite you to visit the venue itself and its surroundings - the heart of Naujamiestis district. LOFTAS FEST not only includes music performances in three stages but also a lot of other experiences and discoveries. One of them is the oasis of beauty and style FASHION AVENUE which will beautify the context of the urban festival.

In the space of FASHION AVENUE festival visitors will find leather accessories designers “The Dark” design workshop, where everyone will be able to create stylish accessories by themselves. Men will be invited to change their appearance in the “Barbershop” and “Make Up Forever” makeup artists will do the makeups for festival’s women. Also, in the fashion zone famous Lithuanian stylists will create their imaginary image of LOFTAS FEST which will be shown trough installation of mannequins.

FASHION AVENUE – here, during all of the festival days, the presentations of fashion collections, design workshops and even the opportunity to change your image, for instance, at the barber studio will be provided.

Liucija Kvašytė - GOD SAVE THE PUNKS

Collection “God save the punks” is an aspiration to earn society’s attention to the importance of religion and to strengthen religious community image in Lithuania. Bright extraordinary punk’s subculture elements, overlapped with delicate signs of faith, require respective space and location. Religion signs are transferred onto a leather biker jacket- a typical attribute to the punk movement- and a passage of the Bible is embroidered on a jumper sewn from patches, with the intention of conveying the faith of the wearer and to encourage him to strongly stand up for his beliefs, as well as make those still searching for their path to reflect upon the meaning of religion in one's personal life. The portrayal of those ideas in a menswear collection is a tool of encouragement for everyone to "try on" religion.


  • Model: Kasparas Starinskas
  • Photographers: Mark and Migle
  • MUAH: Justė Žilionytė (FACE MAKER)

Kamilė Peleckytė - ADRENALIN JUNKIE.54

A collection inspired by the sounds of motorbikes, a smell of gas and adrenaline, which overpowers body and brains, and desire to escape from reality. Starting a motorbike and dressing up make addicts of motocross fearless, give them another personality. By this collection I want to remind daredevils of their heroes in their everyday life.


True individuality lies in one's subconsciousness, and dreams are the main tool for it to surface. Some people adapt, but others seek distinction or a way to express themselves. The search for individuality becomes essential in today's conformist society. The main inspiration for this collection - dreams. The collection illustrates the parallel between the human, as a person, the world and clothing, as a means of self-expression in everyday life.


  • Photographer: Greta Skaraitienė
  • MUAH: Kristina Raulinaitytė
  • Accessories: Aušra Krapavičiūtė

Justina Semčenkaitė - GIRL POWER

GIRL POWER is an experimental clothing collection – a manifesto, which encourages to look at nowadays beauty standards with a splash of irony and to rethink about the influence of media on the perception of beauty.


  • Make up & styling: Kiber Viber Aistė
  • Hair: Robert Rogalskij
  • Photographer: Greta Workfineforme
  • Retouch: Kęstutis Žilionis

Virginija Valeišaitė - CIRCUS

In the process of creating the CIRCUS collection, i set a goal for myself- to create a garment that would be suited for everyday wear, but would also represent a certain character. The world is a theatre and its people are the performers. I chose the circus as one of the forms of theatre and picked out four characters that I can identify with. The ring master - the leader of the circus that everyone adores. He presents every performance and calls the shots. The clown - the joker, a two-faced character who seeks to trick people and take advantage from any situation. The Pierrot- a cult character from Commedia dell'Arte. It's a sad clown, a lonely soul looking for love. He is naive and often the subject of mockery. The Arlequin - also a Commedia dell'arte character. Greedy and narcissistic, he loves competition and will do anything to win. The acrobat - an artist, whose performance requires balance, coordination and agility. He is acquainted with the rules and knows how to go around them. He's invisible and can adapt to situations. It does not matter which character you choose to be- the king or the joker. Life is nothing but an illusion.


  • Photographer: Virginija Valeišaitė
  • MUAH: Austeja Marija Jaščaninaitė