09/02 FRIDAY

A moment of inspiration can change anything. When ‭twin ‭ brothers Will and Matt Ritson started a new project in ‬‬ May 2013, their first jam session yield‭ed a wealth of almost immediately fully‭-‭formed ‬‬‬material‭ ‭that would make up ‬‬ the core of their ‭initial output‭. ‭Two‬ ‭years a‭nd two EPs later the duo and their band‬‬ ‭are ‭readying their debut album ‬‬‬‬ for release in the Summer.‭ ‬ Formation are currently ‭ ‬in ‭ ‬the studio ‭ ‬working with him on material for their forthcoming debut album alongside Ben Baptie. ‭If their discography so far is anything ‬to go by, expect the ‭duo’s eclectic experiments to intelligently blur the boundaries between a respect for their roots ‬and a desire to drive improv‭-‬pop into a new dimension.‭ ‬