Laimingi drabužiai.

Happy Nation


Are we happy? You bet. Does happiness mean wide smile on our faces and endless positivity? Definitely not. Happy people are the people who found their own way, who dream big, who create their own happiness instead of copying someone else’s. Happy people – genuine people, who dare to be themselves; they’re not afraid to make mistakes or to try; they’re the ones who accept themselves and their uniqueness. HAPPY NATION is about you and us, it’s about all the people happy in their own way.

Us, Silvija and Mantas, are happy in our own way, too. Best friends. Husband and wife. Loving sports. Tasting. Travelling. Exploring ourselves and the world. During one of our long trips in Asia we understood that we want to “make the rest of our lives the best of our lives”. That was the moment when the idea of HAPPY NATION was born – the idea to create clothes that would emphasize everyone’s uniqueness. It took us quite long to get there, almost a year, as we didn’t know how and didn’t want to choose the easiest way.

Also, we wanted to be involved in every process of product creation and becoming. Devoting extraordinary attention to quality, details and exceptionality, we participate in every step of the production ourselves. The final look of every product has a touch of our hands – we combine and layer different colours and textures ourselves. HAPPY NATION products are made by hand and from natural fabrics.