sea wave

Kedrostubùras (LT)


Kedrostuburas - impro jazz, alternative rock and a bit of poetry, all these genres sum up to a certain style - "Sea Wave" or "Wind breeze" as they call it. Band formed back in 2015, while still studying in high school. Everything started with improvisational jams in the street under the name Caw Del. First fragments of the current album started to appear from the group vocalist who started writing songs under the name Salah Jua. After a couple of years in 2018 the band participated in young group contest "Garažas18" where they won 3rd place, with me motivation from the first contest they moved on to another one. A first place was won in a baltic young group contest "Novus". Since then, Kedrostuburas was working on their debut album "Del" which was released in 2019 June.