Dance / Electronic Indie / Dream Pop



MNTHA is Marija Mickeviča's solo project, where she discovers the possibilities and combinations of sound through experimentation with voice and computer. They compose, perform and produce everything by themselves.
Project MNTHA started a while ago, in summer of 2014 – when Marija Mickeviča accidentally started experimenting with production and electronic music. This led them to the National finals of Eurovision. The song “Nefelibata“was composed for Latvian National Eurovision contest “Supernova“. It got very far in the competition, rated the 4th best between hundreds.
After that, a lot of covers of songs, as well as original compositions were posted on Soundcloud regularly, and a lot of live concerts have been performed in festivals, open-airs, clubs, Baltic Pride and other events.
New music is still being written, the debut album “Identity“ that has been recorded in Spain, Elche, in Harrisound Studio, came out last summer, together with label Dirty Deal Audio, digitally and also in a limited edition of cassettes. MNTHA’s inspiration comes from everyday situations, colors, art, and most of all, her dreams that reflect the deepest thoughts of her subconscious.
The artist’s biggest influence and inspiration is David Bowie’s personality, art and daring.
MNTHA always been an outsider, the different one, and it is fine. MNTHA is all about peoples differences , uniquenesses and most important of all - people being themselves. This is also why LGBTQ+ community is so important to them - their video “Fluidity” is all about that. Two years ago this song had a premiere in TEDxRiga, which was all about braveness.
Just this month MNTHA fullfilled one of her dreams - to perform in Pride.
Over these years they have had to perform in a lot of events - by themselves, with no previous experience being on stage as a solo performer, but now MNTHA is on the right path finally - they learned from their mistakes to make her performances MNTHA wants.
Marija is a Jāzepa Mediņa Rīga's 1st Music school Vocal class's graduate, but currently studies at Universitat der Kunst, in Berlin, Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art, in an exchange program from her home university - Art Academy of Latvia.