Dream Pop / Psychedelic Pop



Psychedelic dream pop collective POLIFAUNA was formed by songwriter and bandleader Andris Strazds, who has been writing songs and experimenting with sound recordings from young age. The band recorded its first LP titled You Look Like a Lost Soul in an old and spacious apartment located in the city centre of Riga, which had just undergone tenant eviction. Drawing musical inspirations mostly from 80’s and 90’s independent music the band’s sound encompasses lo- and DIY attitude, vast seas of guitar effects, layers of analogue and digital synths accompanied by soft and unique male vocals and groovy rhythm section all swirling in psychedelic awesomeness. The band’s singles, released in 2017, have been received positively by various music blogs (Obscure Sound, We All Want Someone to Shout For) and featured on numerous playlists (BIRP!, Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Six Strings, IndieMusicNation, etc.), but the debut album You Look Like A Lost Soul has been critically acclaimed by local music journalists (Uldis Rudaks, Janis Zilde) as well as those from abroad (Les Oreilles Curieuses).

Lush vocals mix with a serene bass line, expanding upon the hook around 01:20 into a shimmering beauty with an otherworldly and ethereal quality. Influences like Mazzy Star and Slowdive are evident, with this track being a great way to usher in the calm and meditative elements of autumn. The brass around the two-minute mark, crafting an atmospheric bridge, combines with serene vocals and a very calm rhythmic push to make this track a sure winner.” -OBSCURE SOUND “Polifauna hail from Europe and make psychedelic dream-pop in overwhelming acts such as Mazzy Star, Slowdive, Low and others. “Last Days Of Summer” is a track from their upcoming new album. It’s a leisurely paced track that hits you with some nostalgic soaked melodies and emotive vocals that connect together to create an overwhelming dreamy sense that is perfectly executed and made for a lazy Sunday at home during a nice winter day. If the rest of the album is as strong as “Last Days Of Summer,” this album will be absolutely sublime.” - WE ALL WANT SOMEONE