Creative Europe presents: Ralph Talmont (AU)


BIO: Varšuvoje nusėdęs australas Ralph Talmont yra „TEDxWarsaw“ kuratorius, kūrybinis strategas, kūrybingumo ir inovacijų eskpertas bei mokytojas. Jis yra strateginių komunikacijų agentūros „Elevater“ vienas iš įkūrėjų ir „StreamOnline“ bendrapartneris. Kaip komunikacijos specialistas, savo istorijas jis padėjo papasakoti tokiems pasauliniams prekės ženklams kaip „Samsung“, „Nike“ ir kt.

BIO: creative strategist, communications consultant, startup founder and innovation catalyst with deep experience in servicing individual, corporate and SME clients on four continents. He is the curator and Team Leader for TEDxWarsaw, Poland's first and largest annual TEDx conference, also a founding partner at the creative and strategy consultancy Elevater.Agency and a partner in the video production and streaming company Ralph's involvement with innovation-driven companies began in 1999 when he created the World's first portal for book trade professionals. Today Ralph uses his innate ability to connect people and concepts and communicate ideas to build value for a variety of online and offline projects. Together with his writing and design, he helped corporates such as Siemens, Nike and Commercial Union tell their stories.