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Account director at All Channels Communication



Samuil Petkov is currently appointed as an account director in one of the biggest communication groups in Bulgaria - All Channels Communications.

He was part of Noble Graphics Bulgaria \TBWA affiliate partner building his experience around strategic planning, acquiring new business and client service. During this time of his career he acquired many local and international awards both Creative and EFFIE together.

Samuil is the only Bulgarian who has been two times part of the educational formats developed by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Both times he was selected to be part of the 30 best young talents in the world of communications - The Roger Hatchuel Academy and The Media Academy.
As a result of this he was the founding power of a format called Noble Academy in 2019 ( and he was appointed to be the festival director of the educational programme. Noble Academy had put knowledge as the most important part of the purposeful development of the challenging market of Advertising agencies.

Now Samuil is focused on exploring deeply the reason why behind the breakdowns Agencies and Clients are experiencing in building meaningful partnerships in their business development altogether. He believes there is a gap that need to be bridged with better investments in education. One the of the topics he is focusing on is empathy that brands and agencies need to develop in order to be better in their work building campaigns that are impactful and meaningful for the societies we live in. His personal belief is that Advertising business nowadays needs to work mainly in favour of societies not only focusing on trade purposes.

Samuil Petkov is a mentor of Advertising students and he is occasionally having lectures in New Bulgarian University.



Where does empathy go into the digital era?

We started using technology like a toy supporting us in the overall creative process, however, we fail at doing better at our jobs. Forgetting that we work with people, rather than mailboxes, made it harder to deliver exceptional stuff. In the long run, we aim to create impactful creative that changes societies, and the basic reason for that is not only in excel files with results, but in really understanding who is across the screen.



Kur dingsta empatija skaitmeninėje eroje?

Siekiant tobulinti kūrybinį procesą pradėjome žaisti tecnologijomis, tačiau panašu, kad dėl to mums nepavyksta savo darbo atlikti geriau. Pamiršus tai, jog dirbame su žmonėmis, o ne su el.pašto dėžutėmis, pasidarė sudėtingiau kurti unikalias įdėjas. Ilgainiui siekiame atrasti efektingus kūrybinius sprendimus, kurie keičia visuomenę, bet šiame procese svarbiausi ne „Excel“ failai su rezultatais, o supratimas, kas yra kitoje ekrano pusėje.