Sibyl Vane (EE)


Combining indie-pop with post-punk revival and elements from 90´s alternative rock Sibyl Vane´s expressive and melancholic sound gets its final grind by band´s front woman - singer-songwriter and guitarist Helena Randlaht´s recognizably unique voice and charismatic image. Their powerful and charismatic stage presence has pleased critics and audiences around Europe. They have been compared with artists like PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi, The Cranberries, Depeche Mode, Lykke Li and System Of A Down. As kids of the 90s they are exploding something we all remember from MTV and sweaty rock venues we used to visit. The trio named after Oscar Wilde's tragic hero, started their journey in spring 2010. Local alternative rock band guitarists Heiko Leesment and Helena Randlaht founded band as one-time side project. After winning several competitions in Estonia they earned international attention and signed deal with Latvian I Love You Records in 2012. This resulted in debut album “Love, Holy Water & TV” and album presentations over Baltics, Finland and Sweden.