Since 2006, Europavox is a pan European collaborative music project entirely dedicated to the promotion of European cultural diversity.

Extending over a 4-year-period, “Europavox” project is structured around three main activities, each contributing to promote European musical diversity, improvement and innovation in professional practices and public uses. 7 partners, including “Loftas”, will provide a selection of 400 European bands to bring together European youth around an international and interactive live music experience

  • 7 partners

    7 partners from 7 different countries were brought together to design, carry and deploy the project: art factory "Loftas" (Lithuania), music festival "Europavox" (France), culture centre "Le Botanique" (Belgium), club "Estragon" (Italy), club "WUK" (Austria), music festival "INmusic" (Croatia) & "Fuzz Club" (Greece). These contemporary music venues and festivals have been working together for many years to inspire European musical diversity by their artistic choices.

  • Loftas Fest

    Annual gathering of music fans, art lovers, foodies & late night ravers. This festival every year hosts outdoor Europavox stage with next big thing music groups from more than 10 Europe countries.

  • Coatching Export

    Only 7 acts have the chance and opportunity to get involved in the Coaching Program for more than one year. Those talented European artists and their professional entourage will thus benefit from Europavox professional network to build up a career outside of their national borders.


    Also, Europavox run the first online magazine boosting the visibility of European acts and boost the international development of fantastic bands with high potential to break their borders It's a music website and online magazine, written by professional music journalists from all over Europe.